ARW + MAR MOTTO - Uniting the World for an Ocean

Sciaena - Oceans # Conservation # Awareness joined with ROUTE and decided to create an online event mixing the two concepts: Mar Motto and Artivism ROUTE Week (ARW), opening up to new possibilities to reach artists from all over the world and to collectively create art inspired by the Oceans and their protection.

At Sciaena, we focus on marine conservation and environmental awareness, and we believe in the power of art as a tool to communicate about the natural world and the threats that it is facing. Inevitably, the concept of Mar Motto emerged where art is used as a mean to convey the message of ocean conservation in a simple, incisive and creative way, seeking a foundation and a community to generate effective action from.

At ROUTE our mission is to promote arts, community service, education and awareness to preserve the health of the world’s oceans, beaches and marine life. Artivism ROUTE Week (ARW) was created to dedicate a week to the promotion of art as a mean of questioning and raising awareness about the impacts of our consumption habits on the environment.

Effectively protecting the oceans needs to be an international effort and requires collaboration across nations. Sciaena and ROUTE are proudly taking exactly this approach by joining forces!

This new event consists of weekly online sessions with arts and music throughout the month of June of 2020. Each session takes place in a different country, with live performances from visual artists and musicians through the channels of Youtube, Facebook and on the websites of Mar Motto and AWR. In 4 sessions, 4 countries (Spain, Brazil, USA and Portugal) get together for an Ocean calling for their protection.

20th June 2020


13th June 2020

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6th June 2020

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