The health of our oceans is seriously threatened and although this is very obvious, there are still many people who do not seem to believe it. For those who are aware of the fragile balance of marine ecosystems, the organisms that inhabit them and all that humanity has done to ruin them, the question always arises - What can I do?

Our answer is simple - A LOT !!! The Oceans belong to all of us and we all have the right and the duty to protect them! This mission should be even more alive in Portugal, a country that is more sea than land and that worldwide is synonymous of Sea.

So far so good, we all agree, but then why does so many people still not want to see reality as it is? Is it because the messages are usually very technical or to a very academic audience? Do you have to be a biologist, politician, activist or anything like that to take an active role in defending the oceans? Liking the Sea is even in fashion, we have the surf, MacNamara, the giant waves, the mackerel that everyone has come to love, the gourmet fish cans, the sharks that are the “new dolphins”, ...

Reaching the youngest, up to 12 or 13 years old with this message is simple. Kids are like sponges and in an instant they become little guardians of the Oceans. The problem is when we move on to teenagers. Engaged in a phase of life that we all know is complex, in which everyone wants to discover themselves before opening up to the world, teenagers are always difficult to reach and often end up being forgotten in awareness campaigns. This makes very little sense, especially considering that they are the ones who have the blood on the gills and they are the ones that in a few years will have the steering wheel in their hands.

There is, however, something that teenagers eagerly understand, like and consume - Art. And the more urban, the more graphic, the more incisive, the better. Therefore, Sciaena will ask for your collaboration to help us to make Portuguese teenagers and young adults start to think, breathe and protect our Sea.

Of course, we are open to any suggestions that you may have, but we thought of asking you for a canvas, a film, a sculpture, an installation, or whatever goes through your head, expressing what you feel most deeply about the Sea, the urgency to protect it and inspire each one of us to make a difference. It is intended to hold exhibitions where the pieces will be on sale, with a % of the amount for Sciaena, to be used in new editions of Mar Motto and other actions to raise awareness and protect the Oceans. We also intend to sell t-shirts, prints and other applications made from the art pieces. But if you have another idea that you would like to share with us, we are totally open and we have some resources that we can use to turn the ideas into reality.

In general the idea is this. What do you think? Do you accept the invitation? If so, contact us!

Big thanks to you and see you soon.